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Graphic fic: Lupus in Fabula

Title: Lupus in Fabula
Summary: Jack doesn't want to have to replace Ianto, of course he doesn't, neither do we.
Genre: Humour, Crack, Parody, Spoof - take your pick!
Characters: Ianto Jones, Jack Harkness. 
Creators: ([info]fide_et_spe) and ([info]caledonius72 )
Word count: 2,495 in total

Warnings:  Some sexual references, but no swearing.
Spoilers: Post-CoE
Disclaimer: Torchwood and the associated characters all belong to the BBC and their creators. This is not for profit purposes.
A/N: These are all JPG images so sorry if you have slow interwebs or similar. Depending on your browser and screen size you may have to zoom in.
A/N2: Credit to
([info]angstosaur) for one of her minor OCs from the epilogue of "Fragmented"

Jack's recruiting for a General Support Officer, but his heart's not really in it...

The Advert

The Cover Letter

The Job Description

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sleepy ianto

Meta: Jack/Ianto and Lurve, that old chestnut.

Notes: There may be bits of this that aren't 100% serious, I hope they are obvious. As to canon, I am counting all the television episodes, and the radio plays, not the books and other media. (I think the books get a little confusing and I know some people don't count them, so I won't) I also am well aware that the plays were written after CoE, but clearly set before, and yes, it seems written with some foreshadowing in mind. 

I felt inspired to think about this by GDL's answers to questions at recent cons. Firstly his comment that "Ianto taught Jack about love" Also that whilst he fought to not have Jack say "I love you" in the final conversation (Well final for now), he felt that Jack did absolutely love Ianto. Then this weekend at the Welsh con, he was asked why Jack had been dismissive and said he hated the word couple. GDL replied that Jack was realising that he was in love with Ianto, and not coping well, trying to resist it.  

Now of course some fans have said they hated those answers. Collapse )
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